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Ứng dụng chân không trong hút bụi công nghiệp

Chỉ mục bài viết
Ứng dụng chân không trong hút bụi công nghiệp
Máy hút bụi công nghiệp
Tất cả các trang

Trong sản xuất công nghiệp, việc thông gió và hút bụi luôn cần thiết để tạo được môi trường xanh và sạch. Việc thông gió cưỡng bức bởi thiết bị hút hoặc thổi mà không quan tâm tới việc lọc không khí hoặc có thì cũng giới hạn ở mức độ. Với hút bụi bắt bộc phải có lọc bụi trước khi đẩy không khí thải ra môi trường. Tùy theo điều kiện và quy mô mà người ta có thể có những phương án khác nhau trong hút bụi như:

Hệ thống hút lọc bụi trung tân với hệ thống đường ống hút tới các đơn vị sử dụng, chúng  có hệ thống lọc và gom bụi tự động đi kèm

Thiết bị lọc hút bụi di động, chúng áp dụng cho đơn vị sử dụng đơn lẻ hoặc cụm với quy mô và năng suất nhỏ và cũng có thể sử dụng cho việc làm sạch vệ sinh công nghiệp đa năng....

Giới thiệu một số thiết bị hút bụi công nghiệp:

Hệ thống hút chân không Ceaning Trung tâm (CVC)

Central Vacuum Ceaning System (CVC)

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems (CVC), which is an ideal solution for removing dust from one or more floor levels to a central point for recycling or disposal. These systems can be installed in the existing buildings or can be designed into new ones. Systems include hose connection points in the building along with interconnecting pipe work, which couple these to turbo exhauster/power head unit and filtration. These systems find application in iron & steel, cement, ships, foundries and power plants cereal producers. Apart from this, systems can protect plant and personnel from toxic, abrasive and explosive material.

Central Vacuum Ceaning System (CVC)

Máy hút bụi chân không Mammoth

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaners Mammoth, which reduces cleanup time and reclaim the valuable material. Our versatile system helps in picking up the material that flows through a hose. This vacuum system comes with a powerful suction and long reach for cleaning out dust elevators, deep pits and various other hard-to-reach spots. Furthermore, the bulk collection solutions and high powered heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaning system are highly demanded clean up problems. These systems require minimum labor and offer proper cleaning of the most inaccessible areas.
The Vacuum Cleaners Mammoth require less power and can be availed in capacities upto 100 tons per hour, motors from 10-300 HP and conveying distance up to 2000' (610m).
Standard safety features comprise auto shutdown in event of dust passage, full hopper, temperature overload or low oil level
Suction power rises with increased hose loading
Efficiency is not depended on constant feed rate
Positive displacement vacuum pump for highest suction (18" Hg/457 mm Hg standard, up to 22" Hg/559 mm Hg)
The common plugging problem with fan-type vacuums can be prevented using virtually constant air volume displacement
Continuous or dry pickup without bypassing filters is allowed by filtration system
In order to dump, the full hoppers can be removed with the help of forklift
Almost continuous operations provided by alternating two hoppers
All major components in compact and rugged “Powerhead”
Máy hút bụi chân không di động Chieftain
Chieftain Mobile Suction Plants
Chieftain Mobile Suction Plants
Toxic Dust Handling:
Chieftain Mobile Suction Plants are especially used with toxic substances like asbestos, radioactive material, ceramics and lead. This product can be easily fitted with absolute filters of up 99.997% efficiency.
The mobile heavy industrial suction cleaner can tackle different types suction duties that cannot be dealt with smaller machines.
Bulk Collection:
These cleaners can power spillage and bulk dust from process plant and dense material like foundry & catalyst sand at a rate of up to 3 tons per hour.
Multi Operator Cleaning:
Usage up to 6 operators
Hoses and pipe work must be sized for suiting the volume of the collected material and the conveying distance
Tough for withstanding the critical working conditions of heavy industry
While running at maximum suction, the turbine type air exhauster consumes least power
Less maintenance due to no tight internal clearances in the units
High mobility
Hose diameters with 75mm and length up to 100 m or more are perfect
Central Suction Systems:
Can be connected to runs of fixed pipe work that provide multi-level central suction service within a Building:
The filter-separator collects material into a large capacity dustbin
Largest practical capacity for easy disposal of heavy material
A primary separator with hoppered discharge is ideal for bulky material
Material can be bagged off for dust free emptying
Discharged continuously via a rotary valve
Special Options:
Equipped with propane and petrol drive along with standard electrical versions
Flameproof anti static hose and electrics supplied for explosion hazard areas
Suitable high temperature filters and coolers are provided for high temperature applications instead of traditional textile fabric filters
Tools & Accessories:
Suction units find usage with hoses of 40 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm
Bore with a range of nearly 50 special tools and fitments is also available
Standard set for 40 mm & 50 mm bore accessories nozzle tools:
Rectangular nylon brush nozzle with swivel joint
Aluminum fabricated round de-dusting brush nozzle
Aluminum fabricated rectangular nozzle
Aluminum fabricated taper nozzle small & large
5 meters long PVC reinforced flexible hose
1.5 meters long aluminum extension tube
Curved floor handle fabricated from aluminum tube
Aluminum fabricated crevice nozzle
Aluminum adapter
Máy hút bụi 
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners
The ‘Doctaire Sturtevant' range of new Vacuum Cleaners Tiger is known for superior suction performance, robust construction and compact size. This new quieter tiger range of industrial vacuum cleaners can be availed from us at competitive prices.
- Superb suction performance combined with simple operation
- Versatile units that can be used in large applications
- The type H version enables the collection of hazardous material like asbestos and with the addition of liquid collection, floor drying, ancillaries and bulk product recovery
- Retro-fitting of a disposable paper bag attachment and Hepa filter
- With the addition of one or two minor fitments
- Enables a standard machine to be converted into a type H unit in accordance with BS 5415 part 2 section 2.2 supplement
- No. 1 features additional to the basic units include a 23 liter capacity internal metal separator bin
An adjustable front floor nozzle and selection of lids for special applications
- Standard tapered hose inlet of 50 mm bore
- Require a reducing bush when 40 mm bore suction hose is used
- Compact Design
- Impressive suction performance built into compact motor housing
- Allows the slim line Tiger into confined work areas
- Superb Suction
- Twin (110/240V) or triple (240V) 1000 watt by-pass vacuum motors
- Provide real industrial performance on single-phase electric supply
- Quiet Operation
- New environmentally friendly acoustic motors giving low noise output of only 80 dB(A)
- Type H Filtration
- Disposable paper bag facility
- Heap filtration combine towards meeting the filtration requirements of type H amendment to BS 5415 part 2 section 2.2 supplement no.1
- Simple Maintenance
- Unique motor housing design
- Easy access to inner motors and HEPA filter assembly
- Tools and accessories
- Used with hoses of 50 mm, 40 mm and 30 mm
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners
We design these Vacuum Cleaners Cougar for heavy duty cleaning and bulk pick-up with the help of one operator that can use up to 50mm bore hose. Furthermore, these cleaners comprise easy to remove 80 liter capacity bin on castors. The excellent filter cleaning system allows maintaining the high suction performance.


Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner Panther
We are known in the national as well as international markets for designing Vacuum Cleaner Panther that is known for its high suction power. Provided with multi-stage air turbine, our offered Vacuum Cleaner Panther provides excellent performance with long hoses and heavy materials. Following are some of the features that have made our Vacuum Cleaner Panther popular in the market:
- Trouble free induction motor with belt drive
- Versatile multi-application capability for handling liquid, toxic dust and bulk material
- Completely enclosed mechanical components for extra safety
- Compact design width of only 56 cm
- Passes easily through narrow gaps
- Efficient performance in explosion hazard areas
- Ease of emptying - no stooping or heavy lifting
- High suction performance
- Assurance of continuous operation without breakdown
- Specified for liquids pick-up, asbestos and other toxic dust removal, bulk materials collection, operation in explosion hazard situations and in areas of sound sensitivity
- Accommodates an impressive range of power source like propane, petrol and compressed air drive, as well as 3 phase electric
Tools and Accessories:
This machine can be used with hoses of 50 mm, 40 mm and 30 mm bore. We also make this machine available with 100 different tools for the comfort of clients. Following are the standard details:
- 23 liters internal metal bin
- Disposable paper sacks
- High efficiency after filters
- Front floor nozzle
- Exchange lids for special applications
- Fitted with a standard hose inlet of 50 mm bore
- Require an adapter when used with 40 mm or 30 mm bore hose
- 305 mm crevice tool
- 50 mm (nominal) x 40 mm (nominal) reducing bush
- 355 mm floor brush tool
- 115 mm hand tool
- 100 mm diameter round dusting brush curved floor handle
- 380 mm squeegee floor nozzle on wheels


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