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Thiết bị tạo hình sản xuất gạch tuynel U.S.A

Chỉ mục bài viết
Thiết bị tạo hình sản xuất gạch tuynel U.S.A
The Steele 45 Series Extruder and Pug Sealer
The Steele 50G Series Extruder And Pug Sealer
Máy đùn dòng 90AD và dòng 90BD
The J.C. Steele Double Rotor Hammer Mill
The J.C. Steele Disintegrators
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Giới thiệu thiết bị tạo hình gạch đất sét nung JC Steele

Steele extruder designs include hydraulic die changers and hinged mouthpieces, for quick changes and cleaning. Dies can be adjusted during extruder operation. Augers, gears, bearings, shafts, clutches and sheaves offer long service life and easy service. (90 Series Extruder shown above.)
Design and engineering for the quality and efficiency of high-volume, low moisture stiff extrusion
As the industry evolved, J.C. Steele worked to develop machinery with the strength and durability to serve its needs.  Today, more than 90% of the clay bricks manufactured in the U.S. are made with Steele machinery.  The economy and performance advantages of stiff extrusion equipment are well established in clay working, as well as resource recovery and waste management in a wide range of plastic and non-plastic materials.
Extrusion equipment that eliminates the cost of adding and removing water
J.C. Steele extrusion technology is ideal for a wide range of brick, block and tile with void areas up to 65%.  It yields superior strength and structural integrity in the “green” manufacturing state and, in many cases, a fired product that maintains truer dimensions and surfaces in its finished state.  Our stiff extrusion technologies use high torque and high pressure to produce penetrometer readings as high as 4.0-4.5 kg/cm².  Steele machinery can typically be used to extrude materials with less than 20% moisture.  Because stiff extrusion doesn’t require high levels of plasticity, Steele stiff extrusion systems are usually less expensive to own and operate than comparable technologies.
This ability to work with a wide range of plastic and non-plastic materials, coupled with minimal water addition, makes Steele stiff extrusion equipment a superior investment—our extruder designs offer a high level of agglomerated output, with lower capital and operating costs for a better return.
The Steele 25 Series
An extruder, pug sealer and vertical feeder/sealer designed for low-volume stiff extrusion
Our rugged Steele 25 Series extrusion equipment is designed and engineered for demanding extrusion applications of up to 20 tons per hour.  The combination of extruder and pug sealer is ideal for producing split tile, roofing tile, blocks and other structural shapes up to 12 inches (305mm) square and pipes up to thirteen inches (330mm) in diameter.  The 25 Series machines are well-suited for low production requirements, special production or pilot plant operations.  Despite its relatively small size, this machine has been called “pound for pound, the toughest machine we make.”
JC Steele 25 Extruder and Pug Sealer
The Steele 25B Extruder and 25A Pug Sealer process up to 20 tons of material per hour
Many smaller extrusion machines in use today weren't designed for stiff extrusion, which makes them difficult to service and maintain.  By contrast, our 25 Series—the Extruder, Pug Sealer and Vertical Feeder/Sealer—is an extrusion system designed and engineered specifically for demanding stiff extrusion applications and harsh environments.  They share a compact, rigid design and offer trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance, plus easy access to all wearing parts
JC Steele 25 Extruder and Pug Sealer
The Steele 25 Series is suitable for the following applications: Clay products - Coal and coal fines - Steel mill wastes - Metallurgical by-products - Industrial minerals - Fertilizers - Mining
Extrusion equipment designed and engineered to handle tough, plastic and sticky clays and other dense granular materials
We build the 25 Series extruder and pug sealer primary frames with virtually unbreakable, heavy castings of ductile (SG) iron.  We cast our wearing parts in-house from durable, wear-resistant, 28PC high chrome iron alloy.  We heat treat our helical, triple-reducing gearing and heavy-duty roller bars for smooth, quiet operation and a long service life.
Clay or other granular materials are gravity-fed into the extruder vacuum chamber, which contains two counter-rotating 13-inch (330mm) diameter augers.  The vacuum chamber's large throat area makes it more efficient than other small extruders, particularly when processing tough, plastic or sticky clays.  Our extruder's flanged front barrel accepts a wide range of dies and die holders, including single- and double-hinged die holders, a hydraulic die changer or fixed dies.
Drive options for improved operational flexibility
The 25B's 31.4 to 1 extruder gearbox, 25A's 29 to 1 pug sealer gearbox, pneumatic clutches and V-groove sheaves offer greater drive flexibility.  We recommend either a nominal 1800 RPM (60Hz) or 1500 RPM (50 Hz) electric motor.  These motors can be single-speed, two-speed or variable-speed controlled.  Extruder motors with a 365T frame or smaller can be mounted on top of the gearbox for easier installation, assuming the pug sealer isn't mounted in line with the extruder.  The 25B Extruder and 25A Pug Sealer also work with variable-speed hydraulic drives.
The 25 Series extruder and pug sealer also accept batch-mixed materials
In processing where pugging or tempering is done elsewhere, such as a batch mixing operation, the 25B Extruder can be fitted with the 25A Vertical Feeder/Sealer.  You can feed materials to the extruder while maintaining extruder vacuum, with the front opening facing the front or either side.
The 25 Series Extruder and Pug Sealer are both designed for easy access to wearing parts.  The sealing auger, sealing core and sealing die are halved for easy removal and replacement without disassembling the machines.  An optional level control in the vacuum chamber prevents overfeeding and this extrusion system works with a wide range of AC or DC variable speed drives.


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